About Birmingham Bank


Through the years...

The bank was established in 1955, to enable the National Federation of Ironmongers to operate a hire purchase scheme to compete with the terms offered by large department stores.

This growth was primarily driven by interest from members in new vehicle finance and investment in equipment for their businesses.

The bank was rebranded as ‘BIRA bank’ in 2013 and continued to add products to its portfolio before its acquisition by Lee Bushell in January 2021

What we’re about

Here at Birmingham Bank we aim to put the common sense back into banking. Our focus is on the customer and we aim to deliver decisions swiftly and efficiently. By living our values, we aim to provide a first class service to the SME sector and will deliver on your requirements where ever we are able.

If your requirements cannot be met, we are still committed to helping you and we will communicate quickly and provide other options available to you.

Our Vision & Values

Common sense approach

Banking doesn’t have to be complicated, and we look at each transaction/deal on it’s own merits to provide both our customers and our intermediaries with confidence that we will deliver on your requirements

Focus on the customer

Our whole approach is focused on our customers and intermediaries – we aim to make any interaction or engagement with us effortless and rewarding, we’ll sort out the technical bits in the background and only ask of you what we need.

Easy to do business with

We understand your time is precious and important to you, that filling in forms isn’t everyone’s favourite thing – we concentrate on the important things we need from you to enable us to help you run your business effectively and efficiently

Swift service

Our experienced and knowledgeable people/colleagues and the design of our systems are focused on making any engagement you have with us as effortless, efficient, effective and positive as possible

The Team

We have recruited a senior team who are experienced in developing Challenger Banks and who have strong business relationships in the region.

Underlying Technology

We have invested in a state of-the-art cloud-based operating system.