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Birmingham Bank is dedicated in our commitment to Better Banking, rooted in our core values, empowering customers on their ambitious journeys

Hard working financial products delivering practical solutions


We are driven by a dedication to deliver the right level of support throughout your unique journey


Trust is the cornerstone of our business for customers, staff, stakeholders, and partners alike


Our desire to serve our customers to meet their ambitions, drives our own ambitions every day


Made for you.

Our products deliver practical solutions making your money work for you.

Throughout the evolution of our business and ownership, changing times and financial markets, our purpose to enable the ambition of our customers, employees and stakeholders remains unchanged.

We were founded in 1955, to assist trade association members in their ambition towards growth and development.

We are moving forward, as we have always done, working diligently for the thousands of customers that have trusted us for over six decades.

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While it's business as usual, our focus on practical solutions and improving our products paves the way for a promising future.

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We provide brokers with vital tools to help Buy to Let professionals navigate the market challenges confidently, optimising their investments with a streamlined portfolio lending approach