Empowering your ambitious journey.

Through work.
Through life.

About us

Our mission lies in empowering individuals on their ambitious journeys, both in their professional and personal lives. Birmingham has been called the city of a 1,000 trades, that has grown through constant diversification. We originated to serve those trades, like our city, our successful evolution stems from embracing the variety, adaptability and changes that now influence all of us.

For over six decades, Birmingham Bank has been a trusted source of funding to customers who have sought support for their individual growth ambitions. Despite the ever-changing landscape, our commitment to our customers remains steadfast to prioritise their needs and goals.

So we have made a very important choice as a business. To exist for people. Enabling ambitions. This is what we call “Better Banking”.

Birmingham Bank. Better Banking, Made For You

Our values are intended for everyone, we exist to assist you in achieving your ambitions in life.


As a bank, we are built on honesty and trust as a core quality that we do not take for granted. We work on it every day. We embed it in everything we do. For our stakeholders, our partners, our staff and of course our customers.


If you exist to support the ambition of others, you need to have ambition in your own journey as well, in order to best understand and meet your customers’ needs. Our desire to achieve derives from our desire to serve, this is our ambition.


We are dedicated, industrious, and diligent in our efforts to excel on behalf of our customers. Adapting to their needs with the right momentum, the right pace. Making things happen and creating drive. We strive to act as a spark plug, igniting the various stages of people’s journey.

A Career at Birmingham Bank

We are looking for people who have ambition, show a level of dedication and trust in all they do.